How Special #1 Megapixels?

Megapixels refer to the resolution of the images captured by surveillance cameras.  As of 2011, over half of the cameras installed in New Zealand were less than one Megapixel (based on trade information) and many of them did not fulfil their surveillance purposes due to low resolution and image clarity.   CNZ offers 2 levels of Megapixel cameras: 1.3MP and 4.0MP.   

However, we must not use the term Megapixel as the sole measure of image clarity because there are many other factors involved for image clarity.  For example, it is possible that a 1.3MP camera from brand A provides a clearer image than a 2.0MP camera from brand B.

Is a 4MP camera 2 times the clarity of 2MP?  Please click to see the answer. 

CNZ has previously installed many 1.3MP cameras in both indoor and outdoor situations and obtained good results.  Please see these reference sites .

CNZ started to install 4MP cameras as they became commercially economical and available in the second half of 2011.  We will post the reference site here as soon as we have obtained permission from the owner of the surveillance system.

Would you need 1.3MP or 4MP for your video surveillance system?  There is no straight-forward answer as it depends on where you would like to install the cameras, how far away the objects to be captured would be, and the levels of clarity required for certainty of identification.  This is an area where a CNZ video surveillance specialist can help you.



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