Tutorial 3- Professional purchasing criterias

fitforpurposeProfessional approach- FFP and TCO

Fitness for Purpose (FFP)

CNZ solutions and services are constructed on two platforms. They are fitness for purpose and total cost of ownership.Does a shop sell fitness for purpose?  A supermarket provides a variety of choices of soap and it is up to the individual consumer to decide which soap is the best fit for their purpose. A boutique body shop is different. It will advise each consumer which soap is the best fit for their purpose.  We go to the supermarket for convenience and we go to the body shop for specialist solutions. Video surveillance is a lot more complex than soap, and there is a gradient of outlet shores selling video surveillance in the market. They provide a gradient of advice and as such some advice is not professional. What is professional and not professional advice? Professional does not mean the person makes a living from the game such as professional golfers. It means the person has obtained full training and mastery of technologies as a starting point, and the person is committed to improving the standard of performance of the society and not his own income.  

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

TCOTotal Cost of Ownership takes a holistic view of the lifespan of an installation be it the Sky Tower or a video surveillance system.  It is not all about the purchase price as that is only half of the story.  Labour is expensive and so we shall include labour in our costing.  For a video surveillance example we shall include outage into our costing.  If a bank loses the video surveillance system for one day, the bank may have to hire a couple of security guards to make sure that nothing wrong happens.  Frustration is even more costly.  How often did we hear people say that they lost a million dollar business because a computer system went down for one day?  CNZ attempts to explain the concepts by discussing 3 levels of video surveillance systems- small, medium and large in terms of number of cameras and importance to clients. CNZ exercise design and quality control measures to reduce workmanship and product failure to almost zero. The outcome is a reduction of the cost of maintenance, cost of frustration and loss of business.


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