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We are a team of solution integration service providers in the information technology industry.  We recently entered the video surveillance space as an expansion of our service scope.

We differentiate ourselves from other practitioners in the industry by how we treat our customers.  We believe that we should treat customers as if they are our peers in terms of sharing big picture information with them.  We do not agree with some practitioners in providing quotations to customers stating their price (reward) without giving commitments of quality, functional, and timely delivery.  Some customers may not care about this type of information as long as they can carry on with their core business.  We accept this situation if it is an informed decision on the part of the customer. For a society to progress, the literacy level of its members is the key.  We do not make profits from making the customer ignorant so to speak.  We believe that our efforts will be more effective for literate than illiterate customers.

Our physical contact details are shown on the front page.  Our email contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Feel free to drop us a note to share your views with us.

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Computers New Zealand Ltd
Compucon House
PO Box 101-288, NSMC
234 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland
New Zealand

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+09 415 3303
+09 415 2202 (Fax)
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