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Accent Tools teased the IT Norm

Accent Tools is a modern company based in Albany and the distributor of Hitachi power tools for New Zealand.  It is a medium size operation and it is expanding.  The information systems there felt the stretch and started to produce some operational issues to the system administrator as well as staff users. The company decided to go for a server infrastructure overhaul of a scale that needs top management approval. The project has many challenges:

(a)     It has to tie in with an existing infrastructure including the network, border protection, user functions and expectations
(b)     It has to cater for growth for the next 3 to 5 years
(c)     It must cost very little
(d)     It must be carried out with minimum disruptions to staff users
(e)     It must be completed yesterday
Trevor Willmot is the Purchase Manager of the company and is also the information system administrator of the company.  He awarded the project to Compucon New Zealand on 22 January 2008 and he declared practical completion of the project on 22 February 2008. Reference: Compucon is the hardware division for CNZ whereas CNZ is the service division for Compucon. Trevor could not be more pleased with the process he has experienced and with the outcome landed on his court.  Trevor shares his joy with members of the public through the notes below.
A major upgrade is always stressful and pressured, to me anyway, where the business is not shut down and all normal functions have to be fulfilled simultaneously!

I am well pleased with how the process went, with most minimal disruption to the rest of the staff while the changeover went through. They hardly noticed!  It had to be one of the smoothest we have yet experienced.  Of course we are also pleased at getting it finished early which in my limited experience is almost unheard of with even the simplest of IT projects. I think even Mike the Compucon consultant was pinching himself to be sure he was awake and not in some pleasant dream scene!  I have no problems at all with how the job was handled or the people involved. Reference: TN Chan and Mike Grant are the 2 CNZ members involved in this job.

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