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CNZ is a collection of IT companies and practitioners in New Zealand. The founding member is Compucon New Zealand that is well known in the industry for its vigorous quality management approach for computer system production. Compucon and CNZ believe that IT practitioners should take the same approach in providing IT solutions for clients in an increasingly complex IT market. CNZ started in 1997 with a low profile. Today, CNZ has grown quietly to become a very substantial knowledge and skill base. The principals of CNZ are listed below. Come and meet with them.



Products and Services

Full Consultancy - review of client workflow structure, appraisal of existing information systems, planning of platform installation or migration, preparation of IT policies and procedures.

Solution Provision - customized information technology solutions from conception to turnkey delivery to staff training.

Full Liaison - a single channel for the supply of IT equipment and services including fileservers, desktops, vendor installation, facility management, usage audits, on-site support and staff training.



Business Focus

Computers New Zealand is well aware that technologies are developing fast and some practitioners in the industry may have lost focus from time to time.

Thanks to the Group's QA culture, all members are seeing client's requirements as priorities. Challenges undertaken by the group for clients include:

  • migrating to new platforms
  • aligning IT to business
  • reducing costs of ownership
  • keeping abreast of IT developments
  • develop effective IT investments
  • manage distributed data
  • manage vendors and suppliers



Industries Served

The CNZ group is directed and managed by principles who each have more than 10 years of experience within the information technology industry. Clients already served include large corporations, local governments, down to small business and homebased business operations.

Examples of sectors include:
Commercial, industrial, education, forestry, retail, manufacturing, financial, professional services, government, utilities, importing and exporting.



Quality Assurance

CNZ maintains a standard set of operational policies and procedures for activities including proposal, consultancy, order processing, product sourcing, servicing, delivery, documentation and warranty claim handling. All members are committed to zero mistakes within a strict QA Management programme. You can deal with members of the CNZ group with total peace of mind.

The Group maintains a code of ethics prescribing total dedication of service, honesty and openness with clients and colleagues, and a positive contribution to society at large.

CNZ maintains a pool of expertise among the member companies. This pool assures that jobs are always attended by appropriately skilled personnel and completed to high professional standards.


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Computers New Zealand Ltd
Compucon House
PO Box 101-288, NSMC
234 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland
New Zealand

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