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From CCTV to IPVS- How Businesses can gain from the Evolution

CCTV is Closed Circuit Television.  It normally refers to the monitoring of physical areas where security is a concern by individual companies or organizations.  It often implies the presence of a security guard who will monitor the cameras in the control room in real time.

IPVS is Internet Protocol Video Surveillance.  It is a modern version of CCTV by employing the same technologies that support the operation of the Internet.  IPVS can stay as closed circuits if the owner desires and can use the Internet to broadcast camera footage economically.

This paper explains what IPVS can do more than CCTV for us and provides the essential background information for an organization such as a school to draw up a user brief for installing such a system.

  • Functionally
  • Operationally
  • Commercially

This paper is in the context of video surveillance for security purposes and does not include other applications such as for counting the number of consumers interested in a particular product on the supermarket shelf or recording the use of the toll road between Orewa and Puhoi by trucks or cars and so on. 

This paper does not go into the technical details for installing an IPVS system.  Please obtain a full copy of this White Paper by registering below

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