Street and Open Space Monitoring- Kaikohe Town

Street and Open Space Monitoring- Kaikohe Town

Kaikohe town in Northland has been equipped with an IPVS (Internet Protocol based Video Surveillance) system since March 2011.  The system is owned and operated by the local business association, and the project was designed and managed by CNZ.  Bay of Islands Computers is the Northland representative of CNZ and has contributed substantially to the success of this project. 

The system covers most of the main junctions on the main street and various popular open spaces.  The purpose is to enhance the level of security so that members of the public would feel more protected.  At the initial stage, 22 surveillance cameras were commissioned.

All cameras installed have 1.3megapixel each and they were set up to record upon detecting motion in pre-defined sensitive areas. The selection of sensitive areas was based on judgements of local residents and can be changed any time as long as the change is authorized.   The system was designed to keep camera footage for 14 days.  The footage is stored in hard disk drives with redundancy- an arrangement which will prevent the loss of footage upon the failure of a hard disk, which is not uncommon, as dictated by the current state of PC technology. 

As the areas being monitored spread around the town, wireless links were deployed to bring all camera footage to a central location for processing and storage.  This central location is where a Compucon NVR (network video recorder) was installed.

Access via the Internet to this NVR has been arranged for authorized personnel.  However, the fluidity of camera footage seen in remote locations is highly dependent on the Internet bandwidth of the connection.   We are sure that as the government rolls out its Ultra Fast Broadband and the charges imposed by ISP are reasonable, Internet bandwidth and thus fluidity will improve accordingly.

Owners have expressed total satisfaction with the manner the entire project was designed, installed, commissioned, and operated.




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