A Brief History of IPVS

Computers New Zealand started IP Video Surveillance consulting business in late 2008 after going through several years of research for an ideal approach.  Video Surveillance has been the territory of the security industry and did not involve computers until about year 2002.  At that time, camera images were analogue in nature and the images were converted into digital signals for processing in PC.  In the few years following, the use of the Internet for communication has become more popular and the use of the Internet Protocol (IP) more prevalent.  Why not give each camera an IP address so that it is accessible anywhere on Earth?  This idea is valid, and the use of the standard Ethernet local area network for IP images has further propelled the development of technology in the same direction.

With years of experience of helping business customers set up information systems as an IT Consultant and Service Provider, CNZ has been asking if we could help customers set up video surveillance systems either as a standalone system or integrated to an existing IT network and what benefits we can give customers over and above the service of traditional security system installers.  We spent one full year to search the answer and have found that IP technologies can provide a higher quality of surveillance service and a lower cost of ownership to customers than analogue technology based approach.

Many security system installers were not proficient with IP and IT technologies.  They may be familiar with PC and so does everybody else, but they are not confident with IP and IT technologies.  A gap exists between what technologies and they could offer.  CNZ would be able to plug the gap and assist traditional system installers.

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