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Newsletters: CNZ publishes newsletters on a monthly basis.  The newsletters are for explaining information technologies and applications (not restricted to video surveillance) and are not for selling products or services.  Information Technology is considered a trade or a discipline rather than a profession as at 2008.  This social status implies that any person can practise in IT without necessarily going through a formal process of training and certification, and that there is no formal governance on practitioners.  Although this does not mean that all practitioners are bad, it does mean that not all practitioners are good.  Some practitioners are indeed more interested in maximizing their profits than in helping the public achieving productivity gains.  A lot of information released to the public is therefore sales oriented and may even promote wrong concepts.  CNZ newsletters are aimed in removing myths that are prevalent in the market place and reinforcing certainties of what information technologies can offer.  Customers may register on the website for receiving the newsletter via email as soon as a new letter is issued.

Seminars: CNZ holds technical seminars from time to time. Topics are similar to newsletters but obviously the content will be about 30 times wider or deeper per session.  If you are interested to attend any seminar in the near future, you can register for newsletters as invitation to seminars will go via the newsletters.

Customer Enquiries: Any person interested in installing or improving their IT or IP systems can log questions either on the CNZ website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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