How Special #2 VS as a Service?

VS stand for Video Surveillance.  How to handle Video Surveillance as a Service and what benefits would you as a customer get? 

fixingserverConsider the standard situation of having surveillance cameras installed and videos recorded on the premises.  This is fine as long as the camera and recorder continue to operate perfectly in the background.  In the event of vandalism or theft or crime, you will go to the recorder and retrieve the footage that explains what happened in the event.  You will find the relevant footage and make a copy for the police. This sounds good.  In practice, you may enjoy a peaceful period of 2 months until an event happens which is of-course not scheduled.  The chance that the cameras and recorder continue to operate in the background faultlessly is only 50-50.  We are not suggesting that cameras or the recorder has a 50% chance of failure.  We are saying that having everything working perfectly in the background is at best a wish unless we have some arrangement in place to ensure it is the case.

cloud-computing-originalNow consider another scenario.  You have installed the cameras but not the recorder.  You have instead employed CNZ to install a transmitter that sends all camera video footage to a recorder not installed in your premises.  CNZ will arrange to monitor the HEALTH of the cameras and recording regularly in the background.  In case you want to see the camera images live or any recording, you can do so from your office on a PC.  This includes the times when events have happened, and you need to retrieve the footage for the police.  In addition, you can contact CNZ for help and CNZ can do it for you under your direction.  This is the arrangement of VS as a Service.  The benefits include hassle-free and guaranteed continuing operation of the system in the background and assistance from system experts when and if you need it.

Some people may call this Cloud Computing because they do not know where the recorder is.  In our service package, we will tell you where the recorder is and will even take you to touch it once a week if you like.  Our offer is more correctly called Local Service Cloud Computing.  Other forms of cloud computing could be risky!  


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