How Special #3 Cost Reduction?

If you buy a Rolls Royce, you pay for a Rolls Royce.  If you stay in a 6-star Four Seasons Hotel, you pay for the 6-star service.  This sounds logical.  In case you buy a 5-star CNZ video surveillance package, do you pay a 5-star price?  

2009 rolls royce Yes if you buy the standalone package and no if you buy the hosted package.  In the latter situation, you pay less and enjoy the benefits of sharing resources with other CNZ clients.  You do not pay for a fully configured recording server.  You do not need to employ an IT technician to monitor or maintain your recording server.  You only pay a fee to CNZ as a contribution.  The fee is substantially less than having the recorder on your premises.  

You may say that you do not own the recorder and therefore you pay less.  Why would you want to own a recorder which is a fast depreciating asset and which would cost you money to look after?  However, you can choose the standalone package if you like.

The video footage is the reason for your investment or expenditure. You own the video footage.  


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