How Special #5 Scalable?

Scalability refers to the ability to expand your surveillance security system in the future in terms of the number of cameras installed.  This is a major issue for those systems that have support for a fixed number of cameras.  
If you take the standalone package, we will remind you to think ahead of your potential security requirements and we understand that you may have a constraint on funding for a larger system at present.  We will design the system so that it addresses your present needs and includes spare capacities for a defined expansion at a cost level that we call “the sweet spot”.  Further than that, our system design will allow you to expand further beyond the sweet spot in the future if needed.
If you take the hosted package, you have more freedom to add more cameras at any later dates.  This would not be more expensive than the standalone package.  That is, you get more freedom for not a higher cost.  We will advise you of the price for scaling up at the time you buy the package.  

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