Tutorial 2- DIY, specialisation, hosted and managed

diyDIY versus Service

Do it yourself versus specialisation.  New Zealand has always had a strong "Do it yourself" attitude and most people seem to know how to do everything at home or at least they pretend to!This attitude has existed because the population is low and the land is vast which has made it hard and expensive to get external help.  Then the Internet came along and it has compressed the world into a village. In metropolitan places like Auckland and Wellington Central, specification of service has started to take over the DIY attitude.  This phenomenon of specialisation has helped to explain why the standard and cost of living have gone up in cities at a faster rate than rural New Zealand. In brief, we can get by with DIY if we are installing a simple video surveillance system for casual purposes.  On the other hand banks and casinos for example will engage with high paid specialists to do the job.

Hosting versus Managed

cloudlocalWe have read a lot about cloud computing lately as at 2011. Cloud computing refers to having the server somewhere in the cloud that we do not know. Proponents of cloud computing argued that we do not care where the electricity is generated as long as we get it for our use. Opponents argued that data is not a commodity and it is not right to leave our most valuable asset in the hands of an unknown party.  We do leave our money in banks because money is a commodity. If the bank loses money they are still able to pay us back. This will not be the case if a cloud operator lost our data because our companies data and information is unique to us. Hosting does offer the attraction that someone else takes care of the things that we do not want to know or not capable of knowing about. Either we employ specialists to come into our office to manage the servers or we let the servers be invisible in the clouds. We have to strike a balance between convenience, cost and risk management.  


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