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The University of Auckland has assigned 2 BTECH final year students to CNZ for training and research in year 2010.

Training Objective

The objective of the project is to assist final year B Tech students to relate academic studies to real life development and deployment of technologies.  Students will work as CNZ virtual staff members in establishing an infrastructure of engineering and information technology knowledge base.  The infrastructure refers to a framework of content that will identify: (a) state of the art of technology applications in New Zealand and (b) the procedures for handling system integration and implementation of projects. 

Project Theme

The theme of this project is about the transition of technology from analogue to digital and finally to end-to-end Internet Protocol for video surveillance, intruder alarm, access control, and all forms of security systems globally and in New Zealand.  The student shall research about the progress of technology evolutions, current penetration rate of each in New Zealand, and works being done for expediting the migration of technology platform. 

Technology developments have branched in 3 directions.  One is the application of video analytics software to camera footage that will provide further values to business operations.  Examples are the automatic recording of vehicle licence plate numbers for toll road charging and the automatic alarming to police of recognition of hands up video patterns in banks.  The 2nd direction is the inclusion of access control, intruder alarm, and fire alarm systems etc in an IP based central control system.  This will lead to an integrated security system in lieu of fragmented monitoring and security services. The 3rd direction is the transmission of video streams over the Internet and 3G media.  This applies to surveillance in mobile conditions as well as for remote locations.

Student Efforts

Students assigned to CNZ are expected to achieve both objectives of learning and researching over 2 semesters.

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