Video Management

After we have bought and installed the cameras and NVR server (video recorder), what will we get?
- We do not want good hardware only.
- We want to get good information from the hardware that addresses our video surveillance requirements.  
- To be more exact, we want to know what level of information we will get before we commit our valuable investments in video surveillance.
In brief, functions that business owners and managers get from the video surveillance system are:
  1. Live View of video captured by cameras in real time
  2. Play Back of video footage recorded in the past period of N days or weeks
  3. Export of video footage for forwarding to the Police or a higher level of authority who needs to see the footage
In most situations for private businesses, recorded footage is more valuable than live view because the footage can be used as evidence of crimes or activities and most business managers will not have the time or the needs to view any location in real time.  Review of recorded footage is called Play Back as in the above.  How far do we play back and how soon can we find the footage that we want?  
If we record everything all the time, we will need to know which location, date and time we want to play back.  When specified correctly, the footage will take less than one minute or just one second to show up on the screen.  Old systems would take 6 hours and some modern systems may take 5 minutes, for example.  
Indiscriminative recording is not recommended.  We should apply Motion Detection  based criteria for recording.  This will highly reduce the volume of recording and allow searching and playing back to happen faster.  This will also allow the same NVR hardware to cover a longer period.
Where shall or can we carry out the above functions?  The best place is on the network where the NVR server is.  Otherwise, we can still do it outside the office over the Internet  but the performance would not be good due to Internet bandwidth limitations.

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