Low Cost Large Video Surveillance Systems

Hint of IP for Large Systems

Larger video surveillance systems are more expensive than smaller systems on a per camera basis due to complexity factors.  (Re: see Video Surveillance Systems Cost Profile at  If we are able to take the complexity factors out, would we be able to install larger systems for a similar pricing basis as smaller systems?  It was possible up to a certain extent by using bigger capacity digital video recorders (DVR) for analogue cameras.   Internet Protocol (IP) based video surveillance systems can be bigger but expensive.  Here lies the hint: apply IP concepts to analogue cameras.  This will allow us to obtain a large system with low cost analogue cameras and recorders.  This paper explains how to do that and if there are limitations.

Table of Content

Hint of IP for Large Systems
Demarcation between Large and Small
Low Cost Large Systems
What are the Functional Limitations?
Does this Approach Change the World?

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