Motion Detection

Video Surveillance System Effectiveness

Motion Detection is the major purpose of most video surveillance security systems and it is not always as effective as the words suggest.  This is because Motion Detection does not occur naturally, and it is actually the outcome of an algorithm dealing with pattern recognition, environmental conditions and quality of lenses.   As such, Motion Detection is not a given but varies in effectiveness across different system implementations.  This paper attempts to explain what, why and how in a plain language.  A certain level of technical detail is involved.  The context of this paper is in Video Surveillance of physical real estate for security purposes.

Table of Content

  • What are the key functions of Video Surveillance?
  • Time Scheduled Recording
  • What is Motion Detection?
  • Why Motion Detection Recording is Desirable
  • Period of Footage
  • How to Enhance the Effectiveness of Motion Detection?
  • Focal Point of Interest
  • Motion as an Event
  • Do Not Take Motion Detection For Granted


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