Compucon Kamo High CPD Seminar 5/11

Compucon Kamo High CPD Seminar

Friday 5 November 2010


Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in assisting peers to remain current and develop new competencies in information technology practices.  Compucon organizes the seminar whereas Kamo High School hosts the seminar. We would like to invite school and business people involved in IT or business planning to attend.  We will limit registrations to 30 persons in order to provide some interactivity.  Please register ASAP.


1:45pm – 2:00pm      Reception (Room A9, Arts Block, Gate 3, parking on street)

2:00pm – 2:40pm      Changing Digital Infrastructure Landscape (TN Chan)

2:45pm – 3:15pm      Internet Connectivity in Northland (Jeff Crawford)

3:20pm – 4:00pm      Digital TV and IP Video Surveillance (Rachel Beckham)

4:00pm – 4:30pm       Muffin Break (Staff Room)


Changing Digital Infrastructure Landscape


The IT industry has produced 3 kings: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Tablets (such as iPad).  They have sown the seeds to reshape the digital landscape and they will definitely be reigning for the next 3 to 5 years but there are other territories they do not cover such as video and 3D.  This session will go over each of them in a plain language (without getting into deep technical detail) and explain how they will change the way we learn, teach, administer, work, produce, innovate, compute and commute digitally.  We will provide some guidance on how we should be prepared for the evolution over the next 5 years. 


TN is a Chartered Engineer, System Architect and General Manager of Compucon New Zealand, and an Industry Supervisor of the University of Auckland.  He has 17 years of power station engineering design project experience and 18 years of operating Compucon in the most competitive PC industry we have known of.  His current roles are technology overview, quality assurance, and knowledge transfer.


Internet Connectivity


We hear the talk that “Government is investing $1.5 billion dollars in fibre”. What does this mean to us?  Schools are getting fibre to the door gradually over the next few years.  What about other members of the public?  What are happening in the background?  How are we going to use the broadband for our organization operation and development?  We will look at various ways of connecting our organizations to the Internet in this session. We will look ahead what are likely to happen so that any major decisions by our audience will be more time proved. 


Jeff Crawford is an IT service provider and a Whangarei partner of Computers New Zealand.  He has a degree in Information Systems and is a member of the New Zealand Computer Society and New Zealand Open Source Society. Jeff has worked for IT networking companies in Auckland and Whangarei for 15 years.  He was the IT Network administrator at iGrin Internet before it was bought out by an Auckland company.


Digital TV and IP Video Surveillance


New Zealand Government has already announced that all television broadcast will become digital by year 2013 and Stephen Joyce has asked all taxis to have a video surveillance camera.  What do these mean to us?  Is digital TV the same as IP Video or Video over the Internet?  Video will account for 90% of all Internet traffic in a few years time.  We will examine how mature IP Video is by using Video Surveillance for Security as examples.  IPVS is a tsunami in the physical security industry in case you do not know about it. 


Rachel Beckham is an IT service provider based in Whangarei.  She is also an exclusive Computers New Zealand Video Surveillance business division alliance for Whangarei.   Rachel runs her service company under the name of T-Squared Computer Services Limited and is well known for her friendly and efficient services.




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